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Tribute Wreath

Regular price $70.00

Our stunning floral wreaths are filled with fresh blooms of the season.  We can work with most colour schemes, and have only pictured a small selection of the colour options available. We choose a selection of fresh flowers of the season, and expertly arrange them in to our beautiful wreaths.  Wreaths makes for a stunning floral tribute, and also travel well with the casket in the funeral vehicle if required. 

*Note: as flowers are a product of Mother Nature, we are restricted to seasonal availability. If a particular variety of flower is unavailable, then we will use our discretion to substitute it with flowers of equal value and we will always maintain the overall feel of the arrangement, and we will always make it beautiful!

When you choose the Premium value size your arrangement will be increased in flower value.

**Wreath sizes noted are the unarranged base sizes, the wreaths usually become approx 5cm / 2" larger all the way around once flowers are added, depending on the flower varieties used. 


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