Dried Flowers

Sorry, we have no Dried Flower Arrangements to offer at this stage.
We offer a beautiful range of dried and preserved floral arrangements for a beautiful gift for any occasion.
Our range uses beautiful varied blooms, leaves, palms, buds, pods and lots of other dainty and lush fillers... These are then arranged into a stylish pot or vase. 
These arrangements are very on trend and have that wow factor to fit into any space - perfect for tables, hallways & even bedrooms. 
These beautiful arrangements last a lot longer than fresh blooms when looked after correctly - due to them being preserved & or dried.
It is important to still care for these by keeping them out of direct sunlight, keeping them in a cooler space and out of any harsh climates or wind draughts. Dried and preserved flowers can last for years depending on flower type, placement of the arrangement and how well they are cared for.