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Peace Lily In Jute Tote

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A gorgeous Plant featuring the Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum).

Beautiful glossy leaves and stunning white Flowers. 

This is placed in a simple Jute Tote and presented with cellophane around the pot ready for the recipients to enjoy. Please note that the recipient will have to take this out of the bag to re-pot when they want to. Care instruction tag is included.

Product Notes: 

We will select a beautiful Peace Lily.  Pot size, flower and leaf quantity will vary from plant to plant. Jute Tote will be chosen based on store availability & may vary from the photo.  Please note that this Jute Tote plant option is just presented with cellophane around the pot and not potted into the bag- this will need to be taken out to be re-potted at the recipient's discretion. 

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