Native Bliss
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Native Bliss

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A  lasting arrangement of beautiful Native  and Tropical flowers - ( Tropical flowers when available ) -  arranged in a modern basket. Perfect for any occasion!  We select a variety of mixed natives , and topicals when available  based on the season.  Native and tropical flowers are always popular. They also don't have a lot of scent, so are also perfect for hospital wards.

Note :   Premium Sizing is shown in photo.                                                                              Flowers pictured are a guide as to the finished product. Bird of paradise are subject to availability. Each piece will be unique, and will have variances to the image shown, using the pictured image as a guide, as we are restricted to seasonal availability. If a particular variety is unavailable, then we will use our discretion to substitute it with items of equal concept this may mean a different flower, colour or sometimes both;  however we will do this to value and we will always maintain the overall feel of the gift, and we will always make it beautiful.  Basket and  flower type  may vary based on seasonal and store availability.

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