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Balloon Bouquet - 3 Balloon

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Our balloon bouquet containing 3 helium filled balloons - 2 latex and 1 specialty foil balloon.  We select the balloon based on the occasion that you choose.  We finish all of our balloon bouquets with colourful ribbon swirls, and a weight to hold in place. Balloon bouquets create real impact and colour, and always leave the recipient with a smile!  Choose from our standard balloon weight,  box of chocolates, or bottle of  wine , to finish your gift.

The balloons will vary based on the occasion you select, and the stock available in store.  If you have any special requirements, please note them in the notes section, or call us directly to discuss on 0459 78 72 72.  

*Note: Picture is a guide as to the finished product. Each piece will be unique, and may have slight variances to the image shown, using the pictured image as a guide, as we are restricted to in store availability. Balloons and colours will be chosen based on the occasion you have chosen, and any special preferences you have noted or discussed with us.  Balloon weight, teddy, chocolates, wine and balloon base colour and ribbon will chosen, based on store and seasonal availability.

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