Order Gatherers - what are they? Make sure you're actually shopping locallly.

What is an online order gatherer?  An online order gatherer is a call centre, quite often overseas, who sets up a website and pretends to be a local florist? Sometimes they will even put down a local address to fool customers. If you google a florist in your local town, and then google a florist in a town on the other side of the country, and that same florist pops up at the top of the page, you can pretty well bet your bottom dollar they are an order gatherer.

They sit is an office, take online orders, and then call a real, local florist and give them the order. The catch is, they take out 25 - 65% of you money first in fees and commission, without telling you or the florist that they're giving the order to.

Sounds pretty dodgy hey?  How do they get away with it?  Well, we don't know, and we're trying really hard to get the word out, and currently progress is underway with ACCC to try and get these companies either shut down, or to disclose what their fees are.

Look further on google than just the top paid ad, do your research, look up reviews, CALL the florist. Not all florists have brick and mortar stores, some have studios, some are online only, but they are STILL local and will look after you. Research where you are spending YOUR money. The online order gatherers will normally offer super crazy discounts to entice you, don't be fooled, you will usually not get what you paid for and you usually will not get florist quality results!

These are just some of the companies who are online order gatherers. Please research, and use your LOCAL, independent florist.  You will be much happier with what is delivered for you.

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